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“Mino Delle Site - Prodrome of the General Catalog”

Campione d’Italia: M.I.S.S. Srl, 2018

“Mino Delle Site after the Centenary” - Brochure of the exposition, 2015

2014 - Ebook

“Mino Delle Site Centenary” Press

ISBN: 9786050321142

2014 - Commemorative Calendar

of the Centenary of the Birth

of the Futurist Artist Mino Delle Site.

2009 - Brochures, DVDs and Panels for the Exhibition

"Mino Delle Site Futurism between art and technology during the Centenary"

Perugia: EFFE FABBRI Press.

"Mino Delle Site" Monography

Perugia: EFFE FABBRI Press.